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Prints on Canvas

Nearly all of the prints that we offer can be supplied as a Print on Canvas, ready to hang. Having a print produced as a Print on Canvas is a great alternative to having it framed as you only have to consider how the image will suit the place you are going to hang it; you don’t have to worry about whether the colour of the frame will fit with the image or the colour of the room. Just choose your print and then select the Print on Canvas option.

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3. Turn it into a print on Canvas Ready to hang!

To produce a Print on Canvas, we firstly make a rigid box that is exactly the same size as the print and 5 cm deep. We cover this box with an off-white or cream coloured fine weave canvas or calico material. The corners are folded neatly for a crisp, clean finish. We then bond the print to the box frame using a glue which ensures a perfect and lasting bond. The edges of the print are then carefully finished so that it appears that the print and the box frame were always one item. Finally, a special protective coating is applied to the print; this not only protects the print but also enhances the colours. The finished item is designed to fit flush onto the wall and is a perfect look for any contemporary or stylish home. Produced in the UK, our Prints on Canvas come securely packaged and ready to hang.

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