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Prints as an Artblock

Nearly all of the prints that we offer can be supplied as a Print as an Art Block, ready to hang. Having a print produced as a Print as an Artblock is a real alternative to having it framed and suits all types of art but particularly photographic and contemporary imagery. The neatness of the finish has to be seen to be believed!! Just choose your print and then select the Print as an Artblock option.

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3. Turn it into a print as an Artblock, ready to hang!

To create a Print as an Art Block, the print is laminated and then applied to a high quality MDF board which has edges creating a box or block. The image is carried over onto the sides of the block and the edges are sharp and crisp giving a seamless and stunning effect to any image. In the process, the print is laminated which both protects it and allows it to be wiped clean. The completed Print as an Art Block is then individually wrapped for protection and comes ready to hang.

Print as an Artblock (detail 1)Print as an Artblock (detail 2)

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