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Art on Demand

With Art on Demand, you can choose exactly what size you want your picture to be and have it printed to a very high quality on paper or canvas and then either framed (if printed on paper) or stretched ready for hanging (if printed on canvas) by your local framer. Art on Demand is the perfect option for when you are looking for a picture to fit a particular space in your home or office.

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3. Select whether you want it on page or canvas and what size you want it

Firstly choose the image you want from our Art on Demand selection. Then specify the size you want. The size you choose must have the same proportions as the original image ….don’t worry, our ordering process makes this easy to do. You can then decide whether you want the image on paper or canvas. We will then print the image to the size you specified on paper or canvas (as you select) and send it to you. Once you receive it, you can then either have it framed (if you ordered it printed on paper) or have it 'stretched' and made ready to hang (if you selected the canvas option). Most framers offer a canvas stretching service and we supply the canvas in a way that allows the framer to stretch it so that the image will carry on down the sides of the finished item. This gives it a really attractive finish and look. PLEASE NOTE: If you order one of Art on Demand images, you will only be supplied with a print on paper or canvas. It will NOT come framed, stretched or ready to hang. You will need to take it to a local framer to be framed or stretched. The pictures below simply show what it can look like once your local framer has stretched the canvas so that it is ready to hang.

Art on Demand (detail 1)Art on Demand (detail 2)Art on Demand (detail 3)

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