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Artist Yuliya Volynets

Volynets Yuliya was born in 1976 in Minsk, Belarus.
1990-1994 - College of Fine Arts, department of painting, Minsk.
1994-2000 - National Academy of Fine Arts, department of graphic Arts, Minsk.
2000 - Member of Union of Artists of Belarus
Constant participant of art exhibitions en grafic biennales since 1995.

She has more than 26  solo shows and group exhebitions in Belarus,Russia,

Belgium, Poland, Lituania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Italy.

1995-2002 - she worked as  Illustrator of children's books.

Since 2002  lives en works in Belgium. Main technics: painting on canvas, etching, graphic design, book illustration, 3D-design.


Most important element in her painting is an emotional condition. She paints in many

genres en techniques, but her favourite genre is portrait. Portrait of people, animals and flowers.  In every picture Yuliya  tries to create the lyrical atmosphere.

She uses not much of colour so focus stays on the subject.

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