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Artist Wil Lof

Wilhelmina Lof

Wilhelmina (Wil for short) Lof started to paint in her adolescence.
In 1964 - at an age of 16 - she joined a large Dutch textile printer as an apprentice. For almost twenty years she worked as a leading dessinatrice and coloriste for several textile printers, like Texoprint and Parisign.
Lots of her designs found their way into Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the  South Americas, taking shape as printed fabrics for the fashion industry. In the mean time she attended the Academy for Art and Industry in Enschede, specializing in Graphics and Textile Designs.

Her first exhibition of paintings in 1968 received much attention and appreciation from critics.
After having designed and styled several videotex and teletext services in the late 1980’s, Wil Lof decided in 1997 to paint almost full time… apart from attending post-academic classes in monumental painting at Artibus in Utrecht. Her series of exhibitions started in 1998. Soon she became a well known  contemporary artist, present both on national and international scenes.

She exhibited in Chania (Crete) back in 2002, followed by Port d’Andratx on Mallorca and taking part in the 4th Biennale dell'Arte Contemporanea of Florence in 2003. Wil attended the Muestra Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo Ciudad de San Sebastián in 2004 and showed her works in Barcelona, on the One Art Fair of Frankfurter Buchmesse and in the Latin American Art Museum of Miami. The year 2005 started off with participation at the Arte Sevilla and another solo exhibition in Chania. Exhibitions in Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz in the French Pays Basque concluded 2006.

Wil Lof is represented by several galleries in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France and Spain. Apart from original paintings featuring figurative as well as abstract motives, some Wil Lof’s are available as reproductions in limited edition as well as unlimited editions.

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