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Artist Tony Koukos

"The photographer Tony Koukos has found his inspiration during his extensive travels around the world. Currently residing in northern America, it is not uncommon for him to board a jet plane at the last minute to complete a project or embark on a new adventure. Whether it is climbing the medieval towers of Tuscany or scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef, he does whatever it takes to find a distinctive angle that perfect shot. His pictures speak for themselves, each a piece of art, conveying a message of history, character and natural beauty.After obtaining his Bachelor of Administration degree, Tony Koukos pursued a career in financial services. Although successful in this industry, his interests lay elsewhere. His passion, desire and need to realize his dream of becoming a photographer chewed away at him everyday. With encouragement from his family and friends, he decided to change career paths, and chase his obsession. Over the past few years, his creative eye infused his entrepreneurial mind, and his self-drive has transformed his hobby into a profession. His love of art and photography has finally been put to good use he has realized great success and fulfillment in photography, which he describes as his “true calling”.At the age of 30, he has travelled extensively around the globe and taken him to over 35 countries including Italy, Cuba, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Morocco, Croatia, Montenegro and more. Most often, he faithfully returns to Greece, where his roots lie, to capture the shadows cast on the white-washed villas of the sun-drenched Greek Isles."

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