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Artist Tija Patrick

A California native, Tija Patrick received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at UCLA. After college, Tija pursued work in the entertainment industry, working with the prop and art department crews on movie sets. Tija’s early work in the entertainment industry not only introduced her to her future husband, but also opened up an exciting new outlet for her art. In 1997, Tija and her husband John opened their business, Pinacoteca Picture Props, providing art works for use as set dressing for the entertainment industry. Tija’s paintings and graphic designs can be seen in numerous motion pictures, television productions, and commercial advertisements. A fan of all types of artistic media, Tija enjoys incorporating many different elements into her artwork---layering paint, collage, photography, and computer graphics. “I love discovering new ways of creating something beautiful, combining the unexpected to create something new. The scratches in the enamel of a metal box or the patina of age on a piece of copper can be as much a part of what I create as a tube of paint.”

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