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Artist Theo Den Boon

Painting is like a dream giving access to an inner poetic world” says artist Theo den Boon of Waddinxveen, Holland.


Now men dream subconsciously but when Theo den Boon paints in his intuitive manner, he very consciously adds strong colour accents. When painting on linen or paper, he lets his compositions emerge naturally: “One work springs from the other, I am mainly guided by feelings or by intuition” the artist declares.


Equally important to the dynamic working process is the moment when den Boon critically overlooks his work to judge whether or not it has sufficient tension.


He gives his own interpretation of each subject. Sometimes the transparent pastel colours of blue or yellow are interspersed with firm stripes and spots but den Boon also makes use of strong brush strokes with eye-catching  pools of  paint and white patches that highlight the outline of a subject.


Alternatively the attention of the viewer is caught by his artistic signals of white backgrounds with primary colours such as yellow, red or blue.


These appear to add order to the created chaos of the composition. Den Boon manages to instil an exciting air of mystery in his completed works, so that viewers of his paintings are once more offered a chance to examine a dream of colour that is the private world of Theo den Boon, the gifted painter.

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