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Artist Olivier Tramoni

Olivier Tramoni was born in 1973.  Still in his early years he became interested in art.  He took art courses at Fine Art of Nice and shortly after became a textile painter in imitations, technical painter in archeology (antique restorations and reports of excavated items).
It is through his paintings he is fully able to express his artistic personality through mixing colours.  His landscapes are more of musical symphonies he is able to transform into canvas while fully preserving the feeling of the Mediterranean on them.

“I paint because I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.  It is both my passion and my job.  Due to my dealer I was able to travel to Japan where not only was I able to exhibit the artwork but to also gain so much inspiration for new works.  My paintings now are more pure and free than before.  My paintings are equally appealing to young or old making them universal.”

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