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Artist Karen Hollingsworth

Early in her career as an artist, Karen Hollingsworth painted mostly portraits and still life arrangements. Then, around 2002, while Karen was moving furniture around her studio to set up the scene for a new still life, she placed a chair in front of a window and thought, “Now that's a painting!” That’s when Karen switched her focus and began mainly painting compositions of chairs and windows. From there she evolved into painting open windows with a variety of scenes beyond them. Referred to as “windowscapes,” these works have become her signature style. Karen’s images vary from the whimsical (such as paintings with elephants) to the foreboding (such as paintings with crows). But often, her images take the viewer to a more peaceful place, livened by flowing water and verdant mountains.

“I love to create paintings that evoke a sense of the familiar,” says Hollingsworth. “To blend the common objects of everyday life placed within the interior of a room, with a glimpse of the ocean or mountains through an open window. My “windowscapes” are intended to provide the viewer with a sense of solitude and well being…a comfortable world bathed in sunlight and warm breezes. For me, a painting is successful if I wish I were there.”

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