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Artist Anouska Vaskebova

Although the inspirations and influences of Anouska Vaskebova are very

wide, the colours of nature and flowers in an aesthetic style is a

constantly returning theme.

It’s not her goal to paint the flowers and objects in a realistic style but

she is trying to catch a warm atmosphere in putting memorabilia in a

contemporary setting.

Fading pots, vases and bottles melt together with the abstract painted


These backgrounds are set up with the darkest colours first; then,

by adding several layers of lighter colours, she brings back light to

the painting.

The canvas is first prepared with different kinds of modelling paste.

Then with very fluid oil paint and a pallet knife she actually builds up

the painting by putting layer over layer.

Some parts are painted in a very traditional way and other parts in a

very contemporary style.

This variety of techniques demonstrates the artistic skills of Anouska.

Her work can be described as abstract realism.

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