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Artist Taylor

"Selina Taylor was raised in a quaint mining town nestled among the rolling plains of Wyoming. Her father, who is a ceramic artist, instilled early creative notions, which Selina developed into a dynamic passion for art. She began her art education near to her hometown in Casper, Wyoming, but later transferred to Arizona State University, where she received concurrent degrees in painting and drawing. The artist has also studied art history in Florence, Italy, from which she has drawn tremendous inspiration.Selina Taylor has influentially been most drawn to the masters of Post-Impressionism. “The artists were interested in the use of the colour that Impressionism brought about, but they innovatively used realistic subject matter as well, as conveyed in such pieces as Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters or Toulouse-Lautrec’s paintings of the Moulin Rouge” she believes. She also feels a connection with 1950s artists such as Bacon and Freud.The artist’s style is all embracing and strives to appeal to a wide range of tastes and fashion. Whether it be a painterly still life of an inviting Provencal setting or a contemporary rendering of animals in her free, sketchy style, Selina Taylor creates a mood filled with warmth, light, and gentle sophistication. “I like to paint very directly to the surface with thick paints in some areas, and then go over those areas with a more loose approach, almost like handwriting,” the artist says of her own creative process.Selina Taylor makes every effort to keep an active balance in her life by connecting herself to various avenues of the arts. She has concentrated interests in music, theatre and film, in addition to her passion for the visual arts. She plans to continue her education in the arts by pursuing graduate school in the future."

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