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Artist Marysia

"Marysia Burr was born in 1956 in Wadowice, a small town near Krakow in southern Poland. Surrounded by rolling hills, meadows and forests, she recalls her happiest days were spent with nature. Later, as a successful artist in both her homeland and abroad, she would write: ""Through my own art, I seek to express my experience with human emotion, to portray that emotion with shadow and light. My paintings are a personification, finding elements of nature in the human condition.""Marysia began her study of art in the Bielsko-Biala High School of Fine Arts, from which she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She then entered the Polish Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she majored in Graphic Arts with a special emphasis on painting and drawing. Her early art experience was greatly influenced by her study with two of Poland's pre-eminent artists: Henryk Stazewski, whose abstract painting focused on the use of line, light and colour, and Eugeniuz Markowski, one of her academy professors who shared with her not only his skill as a painter of realism and expressionism, but the energy and motivation that is so much a part of the expression of art. Marysia is also impressed with the work of Dutch-born Willem de Kooning.While studying in Warsaw, Marysia received numerous awards for her realistic rendering of the human form in oils, watercolours and pencil. She graduated from the Warsaw Academy in 1981. After immigrating to Southern California, the artist sought to resolve the apparent dichotomy between realistic and abstract art, and changed her focus from figure painting to landscapes and natural forms, increasingly incorporating light, colour and shapes into continuous motion. Marysia had developed a distinctive style by creating brilliant and expressive works that are impressionist-like in feeling, colour and excitement."

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