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Artist Laurie Maitland

Laurie Maitland was born in Portsmouth, UK in 1969. Laurie spent the formative years of her childhood in the Cotswolds before moving to London. She excelled in the arts and Maths at school and her career led her into teaching after specialising in set design in her English and Drama degree at Kingston University.

Having always painted for pleasure, Laurie did her first professional exhibition in summer 1996 at Bournemouth outdoor art exhibition. Following the success of this, Laurie started selling her work through various galleries countrywide, at Covent Garden Craft market and through her own business ventures which went on to include owning and running three art galleries, a furniture design business and a fine art publishing company. Due to the increasing success as her own best selling artist, Laurie sold her business interests to concentrate on painting full time.

Distributed worldwide, Laurie's work became highly sought after. Shows such as the Affordable Art Fair and the London Art fair were often sell outs and her prints have proved a best seller for Canadian Art Prints, who distribute Laurie's images worldwide. Laurie's prints are particularly popular in North America.

Laurie now lives in Devon, UK and is working on her fourth novel as well as painting and working on new designs. Laurie's love of nature and keen eye for interior design influences her work, with her best selling designs emulating the colours of the seasons: autumn leaves, winter neutrals and sandy tones.

Hailed by the art industry as an innovator, and often copied, Laurie's designs have evolved to be constantly one step ahead of her contemporaries..

Laurie's one-off originals are now highly collectable and harder to source as Laurie is spending more time on her writing, and only produces new collections twice yearly. Her early 'Harmony' range of work and subsequent 'Water' range and figurative pieces are now highly collectable.

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